Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to learn TRE?

We recommend coming to at least 3 classes to learn the basic movments and principles of TRE. We also provide written instructions so you can practice at home. Most people find that the benefits are stronger in a group setting.

Who invented TRE?

Dr. David Berceli created TRE. When working with victims of severe trauma in the Middle East and Africa, he noticed that people naturally tremored gently after something stressful happend.

What happens during a TRE session?

You will learn seven simple movemnts that will naturally elicit the gentle shaking or tremoring that is inherent in each of us. This shaking is our body's natural mechanism to release tension, stress and even trauma. All mammals have the tremoring ability - think of a dog shaking when afraid of a thunder storrm. We can release even severe trauma without having to talk abou it, remember it, or process it in any way. The body does the work.

What if I know I've had a traumatic experience, or PTSD?

If you know or suspect you have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), its best to discuss the best apporach with Gerry, as he has worked with this issue for many years. Typically a combination of a few private sessions and TRE classes will provide a lot of relief quickly. Even with PTSD or severe traumatic memories, you can get relief without sharing the content of the trauma.

How often can I practice TRE?

Two to three times a week is usually optimum. And there are exceptions depending on our situation and history.