Folly & Gander offer modern calligraphy and hand lettering services to add extra special touches to your stationery. Typical applications include placements, tags or labels and belly bands. You can see a variety of examples of our styles below.

If you have a calligraphy or lettering job you'd like us to take on please make an enquiry through our contact form. 


Modern calligraphy is produced using a 'pointed pen' and ink, with a wide variety of colours and metallics available. Calligraphy works best on smooth, uncoated papers and looks beautiful on favour tags or as the recipients names on a belly band. We can scale up our calligraphy for hand-drawn signage as well as digitise it for use within our bespoke suites.

Teal Line.jpg


Our hand lettering is a free flowing and natural style, produced with either a brush pen or paint brush and paint. The ink is available in several colours, but please bear in mind these work best on a white or light coloured stock. We also digitise our hand lettering for use within our bespoke suite designs.